My Work

These days I spend most of my time writing on my blog Living Queer. It encompasses everything I do and talk about, because it’s everything about my queer life. I talk openly and rawly about all aspects of my life, not just my gender identity or my sexuality. Mental illness, body image, and random blurbs I feel like sharing. Because all of it affects our lives and my opinions and views are those of a queer person. My hopes when I write there are to educate (based on my experiences), share with the world, and overall show others they aren’t alone.

But you can also find some of my writings or ramblings as I call them, in other places too.

  • Ravishly is a place I love to share things, mostly about my trans life.
  • I shared this piece on QZ that still means a lot to me today about bathrooms.
  • The Daily Mail wrote this based on a piece I wrote about being genderfluid.
  • Here I reinforce the fact that I am NOT a girl on Psychology Today.

The best way to keep up with me and what I am writing is to follow me on social media. I always share new articles and updates on my social accounts.

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